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Setup ZSH, autosuggestion, and syntax highlight on Ubuntu Server

The picture above shows the number of servers I have to maintain daily.

I use them to host some personal projects or testing stuff.

To be efficient and fast when working on a server, I need to enhance the capability of my terminal.

Oh My ZSH is a great tool that makes this possible by providing more than 275 plugins.

Here are some aliases I got that make me faster:

  • systemctl status nginx => sc-status nginx
  • git commit --amend => gcn!
  • yarn add --dev axios => yad axios
  • docker-compose up --build => dcub
  • cd /etc/nginx/sites-availabe => z sites-av (z will find in my folder's history the one matching `sites-av`)

To make things better, I have autocompletion, so when I start typing `sc-st` I got the suggestion for `sc-status nginx`.

I gain in productivity with this tool and you can also install them on your personal personal.

Check out the article to see how to set it up.

Setup ZSH, autosuggestion, and syntax highlight on Ubuntu Server

At the end of the article, I gave the list of plugins I use daily and I encourage you the browse the plugins list to find others that could be useful for you.


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